Rigging & Data Cable Pulling

 We specialize in pulling data cable which is a critical step in setting up network infrastructure, and careful planning, execution, and adherence to standards are essential to ensure a successful installation. We also have been in the rigging business for almost 25 years and offer this to all our clientele.

Network Cable

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  • Equipment Selection: Our professionals carefully choose the appropriate rigging equipment based on the weight, size, shape, and characteristics of the load being lifted. This may include slings, chains, cables, hooks, and shackles.
  • Load Assessment: We assess the load's center of gravity, weight distribution, and any potential shifting during lifting to ensure a stable and balanced lift.
  • Communication: Effective communication among rigging team members is essential. Signals and commands are established to coordinate the lifting and movement of loads.
  • Pulling Technique: We typically use fish tape to guide our cable through the conduit or pathway and ensure that the pulling force is applied evenly to prevent kinks or damage to the cable.


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